Vroom offers online appointment for your services at workshops – for the first time in Bangladesh.

Our partner workshops are located across the City so that you can reach and take service within the shortest time.

Our partner workshops are verified and have certified auto engineers and mechanics for quality work.

We offer your best service prices to ensure value for money. Quality is never compromised here.

All our partner workshops are experienced and has always been rated top by the customers – on every visit.

Our every service comes with warranty – it means, we will do the job again if you are not satisfied.


Here is the extensive list of vehicle maintenance and performance optimization services offered by our workshop partners. Browse to find out what you need. If it is not there, let us know and we will get it done for you.

1 Washing & General Servicing
2 General Servicing and Washing with Oil and Oil Filter Change
3 Replacement of Engine Oil & Oil Filter
4 Automatic/CVT Transmission Fluid (ATF) Change/
5 Replenish /Top Up.
6 CVT Transmission Fluid (ATF) Change/
7 Replenish /Top Up (Manual)
8 Computerized Engine General Tuning and Idle Learn
9 Throttle Assembly Servicing (Throttle Body)
10 Brake System Servicing
11 Brake System Overhauling
12 Brake Disc & Drum Turning
13 Brake Master / Slave Cylinder Replacement
14  Wheel Cylinder Replacement
15 Clutch System Overhauling
16 Suspension System Overhauling
17 Shock Absorbers Replacement Only Sedan Car
18 Radiator Servicing
19 A/C  Pump (In Tank) Replacement
20 Injector Testing & Cleaning by Computerized Machine (Octane Engine)
21 E.F.I System Checking and Corrections.
22 Computerized Wheel Alignment
23 Camber Adjustment
24 Computerized Wheel Balancing
25 Computerized Wheel Balancing & Alignment Package
26 Carburetor Servicing and Tuning
27 Replacement of CV Joint
28 Catalytic Converter
29 Tire Repairing-Tubeless
30 Wheel Rotation
31 Dashboard Opening Refitting For A/C
32 A/C System Check-Up & N/W
33 Painting Complete Vehicle Labor Charge
34 Polishing Full Vehicle
35 All Interior Cleaning
36 Steering Box Replacement
37 Repl. Of Steering Column Bush
38 Assembling and Disassembling of Engine for Replacement
39 Radiator Opening and Refitting for Servicing
40 Dashboard Opening & Refitting
41 Self-Starter Servicing or Replacement
42 Alternator Servicing/ Replacement Charge
43 Silencer Box Change with Silencer and Tail Pipe
44 Fuel Tank Washing
45 Fault Code Finding and Deleting, Erasing by   Scanner/OBD
46 Car Diagnosis by OBD Scanner and Analyzer
47 Executive Check/Performance Check for New and Recondition Car
48 Replacement of Oil Sump Seal
49 Replacement of Center Mounting
50 Electric Line Checkup and Necessary Work
51 Door Lock Repairing
52 Propeller Shaft Opening and Refitting
53 Replacement of Front Left and Right Torsion Bar (Tana Rod)

54 Replacement of Front Left and Right Stabilizer Bar Bush (Tana Rod)
55 Replacement of Engine Mounting
56 Self-Starter Checkup and Necessary Work
57 Replacement of Propeller Shaft Crosses Bearing Per End.
58 Replacement of Crank Shaft Seal and Pulley (Front Oil Seal)
59 Fan Clutch System Checkup and Necessary Work
60 AC Servicing
61 AC System Servicing R-22
62 All Drive Belt Replacement / Per Belt
63 Auto Gear Box Overhauling/Replacement
64 Auto Tappet Adjustment
65 Axel Oil Seal Change
66 Ball Joint, Tie Rod & Knuckle Joint Change
67 Brake Disc/Drum Change
68 Brake Master Cylinder Replacement
69 Brake Overhauling
70 Brake Pad Replacement
71 Brake Servicing
72 Brake Show Replacement
73 Camera Open & Fitting/Testation
74 Car Polish Indoor
75 Car Polish Indoor & Outdoor
76 Car Polish Outdoor
77 Car Wash
78 CD Player/Radio Open & Fitting
79 Coil Spring Change/ Spacer Install
80 Coolant, Power Steering Fluid & Brake Oil Change
81 CV Joint
82 CV Joint Boot Cover Change/Per
83  Dashboard Open & Fitting Service
84  Door Pad, Sealing Water Wash
85 Dashboard Metter Change
86 Engine Change
87 Engine Oil & Oil Filter Change
88 Engine Overhauling
89 Engine Room Polishing
90 Engine Wash by Water & Air Pressure
91 Floor Mate/ Indoor Wash
92 Fuel Tank Servicing
93 Hanger Bush Change
94 Hanger Change
95 Head Gasket Change
96 Knuckle Joint Boot Cover Change
97 Link Rod Change
98 Pitman Arm & Idle Arm Change
99 Power Steering Kit. Box. Pump & H Pipe Change
100 Power Steering System Overhauling/Replace
101 Radiator Change
102 Radiator Fan, Motor Change
103 Radiator Servicing & Flushing
104 Rear Dashboard Compartment Wash by Water
105 Self-Starter Motor/ Alternator Change
106 Self-Starter Motor/ Alternator Servicing
107 Shock Absorber Change
108 Shock Absorber, Engine & Gear Box Mounting Change

109 Silencer Box/Catalytic Converter Change
110 Silencer Collar Change
111 Spacer Work Per Side
112 Stabilizer Bush Change
113 Suspension Overhauling
114 Tappet Adjustment
115 Tappet Cover Seal Change
116 Throttle Body Change
117 Timing Belt Replacement
118 Tyre Clean & Polishing
119 Tyre Fitment/ Tubeless Tyre Repairing/Vulcanizing
120 Water Pump Change
121 Windshield Glass Change
122 Wiper Blade Change
123 Wiper Motor Change
124 ABS Scanning
125 Auto Transmission Fluid Change by Machine
126 Auto Transmission System Service
127 Brake Test
128 Camber Adjustment Per Axle
129 CNG Servicing (Kits/Cylinder)
130 CNG Tuning
131 Complete Wiring Change
132 CVT Oil Change & Calibration
133 EFI Scanning
134 Electronic & VVTI Sensor Change- Per Sensor
135 Engine Analysis & Emission Test
136 Engine Tune-Up
137 Fuel Filter Change
138 Fuel Pump Chance/ Servicing
139 Fuse Box Check & Change
140 Head Light Assembly Change
141 Head Light Beam Adjustment
142 Ignition Coil Change
143 Indicators Light, Break Light & Back Light Change
144 Injector Servicing /Cleaning
145 Low Profile Tyre Repairing
146 Low Profile Tyre Replacement Above 16”
147 Power Steering Scanning
148 Side Slip Test
149 Spark Plug Change
150 Spark Plug Servicing
151 Spark Plug Test
152 SRS Air Bag Scanning
153 Suspension Test
154 Throttle Body Servicing / change
155 Traction Control (ETCS) Scanning
156 Tube Replacement
157 Tyre Change/Per
158 Tyre Inflation with Nitrogen Gas
159 Tyre Replacement
160 Tyre Rotation
161 Under Chassis Inspection
162 Wheel Alignment Adjustment-3D
163 Wheel Alignment Check
164 Wheel Alignment Check & Adjustment-CCD
165 Wheel Alignment Check-3D
166 Wheel Balancing / Per Tyre
167 Wheel Check & Balancing / Per Tyre
168 Wiring Check & Repairing (As per Work)