Fuel Card

No need to worry about your fuel expenses anymore! Now, you can issue a supplementary EBL Vroom Oil & Gas Card to your driver for meeting your regular fuel expenses. Set a spending limit on the card and get notifications on each transaction. Vroom Services Limited – a leading automobile service provider is the benefit partner for the co-branded card.

Following are the features of EBL Vroom Fuel Card:

  • The card will be accepted at more than 100 Fuel stations
  • No need for cash to purchase fuel
  • Can be issued as Supplementary Card for spouse/relative/driver
  • Optional user photo printing option for additional security
  • Set spending limit on supplementary card
  • All fuel bills in a single monthly statement
  • Transaction Alert to Base Cardholder for each transaction
  • ATM and Online Usage restricted
  • 2-free car washes from Vroom annually
  • 25% discount on car polish round the year
  • Free annual car health check by Vroom
  • 5% discount on car parts purchase
  • Priority Service at Vroom Workshop
  • Dedicated Automobile Engineer Consultation Team on Call for any vehicle related issues


What is EBL Vroom Fuel Card?

A: EBL Vroom Fuel Card is a co-branded credit card designed to serve your vehicle related payments and service needs. It can be issues as a base card for the car owners or as a supplementary card for any EBL Visa/MasterCard base cardholder’s spouse /relative /driver(s)

Who is eligible for EBL Vroom Fuel Card?

A: Primary cardholders using Visa or Mastercard branded credit cards are eligible to have EBL Vroom Fuel Card for his/her spouse /relative /driver(s)

What is the issuance fee for the EBL Fuel Card?

A: First two supplementary cards (including EBL Vroom Fuel Card supplementary card) issued against the primary card are free. The issuance fee for supplementary card mentioned in the latest Schedule of Charges will be applicable for EBL Vroom Fuel Card.

Where can I use the card?

A: EBL Vroom Fuel Card can be used at more than 100 Fuel stations across the country where Visa and Mastercard payment network cards are accepted. This number is growing every day.

Who can use EBL Vroom Fuel Card?

A: The card is primarily designed for the driver(s) of primary cardholders so that they can use the card for purchasing fuel as per their need. It can be issued to spouse /relatives of the primary cardholder too; in case they purchase the fuel regularly.

What is the maximum limit for a supplementary card?

A: Primary cardholder can decide the supplementary card limit.

Can someone use EBL Vroom Fuel Card at ATMs to withdraw cash from ATM machines or perform e-com transactions?

A: Cash withdrawal from ATMs and online transactions are not allowed with EBL Vroom Fuel Card

Can someone use this card to access SKYLOUNGE?

A: No.

How to avail the benefits offered by Vroom?

A: Just Call Vroom Services Limited at +8809678187666 or email them to info@vroom.com.bd to get the service you want. They will verify the card information and provide the service/discount immediately or as per your schedule.

For details of Fuel Stations which have EBL POS machines, please download the list


Eastern Bank Ltd. and Diners Club International have collaborated with Vroom Services Limited, the first vehicle related service provider in Bangladesh where services are available through a dedicated contact center and mobile app. Vroom Services Limited provides service through a network of partner workshops and in-house service team 24×7, 365 days a year for the Vroom membership cardholders.

Discover a world of opportunity with EBL Diners Club Vroom Co-branded Credit Card.

As long as you are a valid Vroom member, you do not have to pay any annual fee for your EBL Diners Club International Vroom Co-branded Credit Card.

A supplementary card for your vehicle driver to meet day-to-day expenses at fuel stations. This card also helps you to keep track of the exact expenses made through the card.

Earn more while you Shop more!

  • 5% cashback on every POS purchase at Agora, Meena Bazar & Shawpno using your DCI Credit card. Up to BDT 1000 cash-back per month.
  • Get 10% cashback on any POS purchase at Aarong using your DCI Credit Card. Up to BDT 1000 cash-back per month, effective for transactions from 1st September-2020 onwards.

This offer in turn allows you to save money and spend more from what you earn.

EBL SKYCOINS is a world-class customer reward program offered by Eastern Bank Ltd. EBL SKYCOINS offers more ways than ever before to make great things happen – premium category EBL Credit Cardholders can earn EBL SKYCOINS with every retail purchase transaction and redeem them over flight booking, hotel booking, car rental booking, online shop, gift voucher. So, enjoy the best reward program of the country by choosing EBL Credit Card. For more details, please visit: skycoins.ebl.com.bd

Your Diners Club credit card is bundled with a complimentary Life Card which provides attractive discounts on diagnostic and medical services at hundreds of local and international medical partners of MetLife Insurance Co. Ltd. For updated Medical Partner list, CLICK HERE.

Live a better life with the privileges for healthcare from Diners Club International Card. As a Diners Club International card member you will be eligible for cash insurance benefits of BDT 1,000 per day on hospitalization for maximum 30 consecutive days. Complimentary Life Card will be required for In-Hospital Insurance claim.

Enrollment under Risk Assurance Program is mandatory for all Diners Club Cardholders.

EBL has its own lounge service at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, Dhaka and Shah Amanat International Airport, Chittagong (Domestic Only). Just show your EBL Diners Club International Credit Card at EBL SKYLOUNGE and get complimentary usage facility 24×7. You can take a guest along with you. Moreover, children below 12 years of age get complimentary access too.

With your EBL Diners Club International Credit Card you can get access to more than 1000 airport lounge lounges in over 125 countries and territories around the world, visit www.dinersclub.com/clubmembers/airport-lounges#!.To access these lounges, cardholders must present their Diners Club International Credit Card. Diners Club International cards can be used at any participating airport lounges regardless of airline of travel or class of ticket. Fees & Charges are applicable.

Meet & Greet is your personal fast track through airport check-ins and arrivals for international flights at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, Dhaka. Just call our Contact Center or through SKYBANKING App 24 hours prior to travelling to make a Meet & Greet booking and we will do whatever you need to make your airport experience faster and more pleasant. Fees & Charges are applicable as per latest Cards Schedule of Charges.

Cardholders are eligible for Risk Assurance Program. In case of death or permanent total disability of cardholder –

  • The entire outstanding amount will be waived
  • Equal amount will be paid to the beneficiary of the cardholder

EBL Diners Club International Credit Cardholders are entitled for BDT 500,000 for Accidental Death Insurance. In the unfortunate event of accidental death or permanent disability due to accident, cardholders’ beneficiary will receive coverage of the BDT 500,000.

EasyCredit is an EMI plan where you can make EBL to EBL account transfer, EBL to other bank account transfer through EFTN or issue pay order from the unutilized balance of your credit card at a reduced interest rate of your EBL Diners Club International Vroom Co-Brand Credit Card.

Want2Buy is an installment plan where you can make any purchase at any local merchant outlet using your EBL Credit Card and convert it into easy installment. Fees & interest may apply.

You can pay for your expenses at Vroom partner garages as well as more than hundreds of Partnered Merchants using this credit card and convert large expenditure of your vehicle into easy installments for up to 36 months.

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Diners Club International offers access to over 45 million WiFi hotspots in more than 200 countries and territories around the world

You can stay linked to Diners Club International no matter where you are by using the Mobile Application from Diners Club. Download the Diners Club Travel Tools mobile app for information on airport lounges, ATM locations and the latest Privileges offers around the globe.

DCI Credit card has more to offer you –

  • Up to 45 Days Interest-Free period
  • Dual Currency Global Credit Card
  • Up to two free supplementary cards
  • Free First Card Cheque Book
  • Maximum Credit Limit
  • Transaction Alert Facility
  • Limit Lost Card Liability
  • Personalized Customer Service
  • Immediate Cash Advance Facility
  • E-Statement Service
  • Convenient Payment Option
  • Auto Debit Facility
  • Payment through EBL Internet Banking, EBL SKYBANKING App, EBL DROPBOX etc.
  • Great Discounts