No cash business
Individuals or Companies now can take a EBL Oil & Gas Card for fuel related expense management. You can share a small limit of your personal EBL Credit Card and give him an Oil & Gas card to buy fuel. For companies - the total corporate card limit can be split amongst all the company drivers - based on his/her monthly requirement. Cards accepted at any Fuel Station with where Visa/Mastercard is accepted. EBL Supported fuel station list can be seen here.
Convenience, savings and peace of mind
These cards can not be used at ATM or for any online purchase and also PIN secured. Every time a driver buys fuel - the owner gets an SMS/EMail alert for the transaction. Every card has driver’s photo as additional security. At the end of the month - EBL sends you or the company a consolidated statement with all the transactions. Maximum 45 days interest free period available.
The hassle of daily cash management for fuel purchase is gone. It’s that simple. Email to to know more.