Few Individuals, One Interest
Auto drives us. The smell of fuel ignites us. We are a group of auto-freaks. Vroom has been a concept that has long been pursued by us and brought in existence piece by piece. Some of us are engineers, some are business executives, some ran auto workshops - when we all combined Vroom was born. Our goal is to create a single platform where anything and everything related to automobile is available. None has to look anywhere else for anything. Our diverse background helped us structuring the company and the domain knowledge made it efficient.
The Journey
We started off in late 2017 with home service based car wash and polish in Dhaka. Over the next one year we served more that thousand customers and were much appreciated by our clients. In 2019 we introduced Fleet Management Software in the market. Our solution was very intuitive and designed based on actual customer journey and pain points. In 2020 our e-commerce platform comes in existence. Other than various types of vehicles, we are offering support services like ownership transfer assistance, loan application, insurance purchase, pre-purchase inspection and many more. If you need anything related to automobile in Bangladesh, you have to be with Vroom. Let's do Vroom Vroom!
Board Of Directors
Mohammad Ziaul Islam Chowdhury
Syed Ahsan Habib
Managing Director
Mir Rashedul Hossain
Samira Sayeed
Monalisa Tania
Motor Diagnosis & Treatment Ltd.
Institutional Investor
ArrowLink Soft
Institutional Investor